F Word

F Word is a self-funded, short-film reflecting on child abandonment as a young woman confronts the recurring issues from her biological father. Taking us on a journey across South London, we’re shown the affects of a distant father on a receptive, young woman as she confronts seemingly inescapable and uncontrollable conflicts in an honest portrayal of self-discovery.

Director: Savanah Leaf
Writer: Savanah Leaf
Starring: Savanna Small
Producer: Adele Barach
Executive Producer: Savanah Leaf
Director of Photography: Mario Gonsalves
Art Director: Emma Barkham
Editor: Mark Keady / TVC Soho
Sound Designer/Foley Artist: Ben Chick
Re-recordist Mixer: Sophia Hardman
Colour Producer: Dan Kreeger/ The Mill
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll / The Mill
Driver: Paul Dubois
1st Assistant Director: Joanna Blyth
Camera Assistant: John Janssens

And a special thank you to
The Mill: Jarrad Vladich
Biscuit Filmworks: Orlando Wood
Water Mill-London: Bertie Miller & Dave Waters
Flying Wish Paper: Julie Lambie
ProCam: Andy Joseph