Real Gyallis

The Real Gyallis music video is inspired by the ‘photobooth’ we all know and see in shopping malls all around the world. In this video the concept is similar but in a huge studio located at a discreet location. Dancers from all over are allowed to shoot their own personal video for the new ChildsPlay & Chuckie track. And as you guessed it, the moves are insane.

Director: Mario Gonsalves
Producer: Henry Rodgers, Don Hoitink
Lights: Het Licht
Cinematographer: Mario Gonsalves
Grip: Joel Woods, Darwin Rodgers
Art Direction: Ken Wollf, 010Tattoos
Styling: COCO$HAY
MUA: Stephanie Cuervo, Lotte van Rees
Choreography: Jurvinio Wijnstijn, Sigourney Coutinho