Miro is a leading SaaS scale-up designed for collaboration amongst teams of all sizes. With its intuitive visual interface it enables teams to brainstorm, strategise, and manage projects together all in one place.


At Miro I was in-charge of managing a variety projects relating to brand and cross department collaborations. I worked on identifying growth funnel media-asset needs, EVP campaigns, Start-up/Scale-up programs and more. I oversaw budget, resourcing and relations with UK and EU agencies.

One of the projects I’ve produced early on managed to set the benchmark numbers for most effective growth campaign on YouTube. Lowering CPCU acquisition. Named as a noticeable employee by Head of Growth in all hands by making sure a smooth, effective and critical process is followed by all contributors involved.


Setting up and overseeing the projects to the wider business under the brand department. Overseeing budgets, assisting with the brand studio needs and managing regional and international agency and freelancers relations.


Growth Product Discovery Ads

As the product category for Miro was relatively new at the time we had to produce a variety of content to showcase the product and it's features. We've developed a range of growth advertising ads with animation studio "Stereo" that were produced closely to Miro's brand to test and map out the best strategy and optimization routes across YouTube and Meta platforms. 

Start-ups & Scale-ups Campaign

One of our objectives was to produce a campaign that attracted start-ups and scale-ups to sign-up for our credit offer. Working alongside creative director Jose M. Sánchez and animation studio Yatta we've managed to produce two ads that truly resonate with the challenges of these starting entrepreneurs.

For this campaign we worked with real people to gather their stories, insight and archive material such as photos and videos to include them in the ad. Furthermore we've produced a unique custom composition to go along with the videos.


Employer Value Proposition and Site Content

I've worked with the Global Head of Employer Branding to put in development a production that showcased Miro's values and benefits towards it's talents. Working with selected agencies and internal talents to lead the development of the concept phase and handing it over to our internal studio team to animate and execute the production.

Furthermore I was involved in the full site content production, introducing new owned media that showcased all of the various features and benefits of the product in-use. Working with ourinternal CD's and creative studio, casting agencies and styling company "House of Orange" to bring the entire production to life.