Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum located in the heart of Amsterdam, celebrated for its extensive collection of fine art and historical artefacts. Home to masterpieces from iconic artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer it’s named one of the most prestigious museums of Europe.


We were tasked to produce the museum’s first ever live-event for it’s annual “Night of History” event. Which brings enthousiasts from all over the world together for an intimate night and walk through amongst some of the most noticeable pieces in the collection.


Head of Creative — I’ve been tasked for leading the creative approach and managing the organisation goals behind the event. Working alongside producers to lead a team of over 50 people from designers, animators, production crew and key-stakeholders.

Event Logo Lockup


Flat representation of Moon phases


Extended representation of Moon phases


Moon phases in 3D Axis

Title Block Asset

Pre-Show Countdown Block

Branded Show Assets Implemented
+ Pre-Content Production